Fresh winds lead to excellent competition at Whalsay Regatta

The Whalsay Regatta was held at the weekend with plenty of wind making for very exciting sailing.

Taking part were four dipping lug boats, eight dinghies and a healthy 13 Shetland Models.

The action began on Thursday with the dipping lug races which saw very close competition between Firedance (Andy Hutchison) and Kontiki (Laurence Irvine).

Two dinghy races were sailed in fresh winds with Tidal Fire (Scott Nicolson) winning the first from Kingfisher (Laurence Irvine) and Kingfisher taking the second from Nemesis (John W Johnson).

The Shetland Model races on Friday were sailed in more fresh winds and saw good performances by all the contestants. However, Saturday’s programme had to be postponed until Sunday due to Force 6-7 south-easterly winds.

On Sunday the first race, for the LHD Cup, saw Comet (Laurence Irvine) take first place by 32 seconds from Skirmish (Johnny Simpson) in ideal conditions. In David Bruce Cup Comet made it a double, coming from behind to beat Sarepta (Lowrie Irvine) by 11 seconds.

The Harrison Cup was well won by Scunner (Gibby Irvine) from Comet and Verve (Scott Nicolson).

Comet took the Wartsila Cup and the Sandison Cup while the Young Skipper trophy went to Mark Arthur.

The trophies were presented by Kathleen Irvine.

A spokesman said the whole week was great with food and music in the clubhouse. On behalf of the committee he thanked everyone who helped during the event.

Dipping lugs

Hayfield Cup: 1 Firedance; 2 Kontiki; 3 Marauder (Stuart Williamson).

Quarry Cup: 1 Kontiki; 2 Firedance; 3 Marauder.

Anderson Cup: 1 Relentless (Gary Williamson); 2 Kontiki; 3 Firedance.

Shetland Models

Irvine Cup: 1 Sarepta; 2 Verve; 3 Scunner.

Wood & Bruce Cup: 1 Comet; 2 Armeria (Tammie Williamson); 3 Leviathan (Gary Williamson).

Peterson Cup: 1 Comet; 2 Skirmish; 3 Verve.

Gourock Cup: 1 Scunner; 2 Verve; 3 Sarepta.

LHD Cup: 1 Comet; 2 Skirmish; 3 Scunner.

David Bruce Cup: 1 Comet; 2 Sarepta; 3 Scunner.

Harrison Cup: 1 Scunner; 2 Comet; 3 Verve.

Wartsila Cup: Comet.

Sandison Cup: Comet.


Race one: 1 Tidal Fire; 2 Kingfisher; 3 Nemesis.

Race two: 1 Kingfisher; 2 Nemesis; 3 High Tension (Andy Hutchison).


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