Indoor riders complete style jumping and dressage events

Shetland Indoor Riding Club saw two days of action at the weekend, with a dressage event on Saturday and a style jumping competition the following day.

Saturday’s dressage started with 12 entries for the Introductory Test. Although this test includes walk and trot work only, it is quite a difficult test to ride really well and visiting judge Terry Penna remarked on how well all the riders managed it.

Jessica Johnson achieved the highest score of the day, taking a first and a second on her rides in the Introductory Test, with Alison Rennie winning the seniors event.

In the Preliminary one event Lori Bulter came first and Clare Williamson was first in the Preliminary 12 Test and in the Novice 24.

The atrocious weather on Sunday meant a late start and fewer entries, but a few hardy souls braved the nasty conditions to take part in the style jumping.

This is a jumping competition scored by a judge who gives marks for the jumping position, co-ordination and security, effective aids, balance, pace and rhythm using score sheets similar to those used in dressage.

Everyone enjoyed the experience and riders were able to benefit from the judges’ comments on their performance from the score sheets.

Alison Rennie did particularly well, winning both the novice class on Breeze and the intermediate class on Winnie with the two best scores of the day.

A spokeswoman said: “Many thanks to Terry Penna for being so helpful and encouraging and taking the time out of her busy schedule to travel to Shetland. We hope she will come back and do more judging for us in the future.”

Introductory A (walk and trot): 1 Jessica Johnson on Clare’s Sox (76.52 per cent); 2 Jessica Johnson on Isla (72.61); 3 Claire Johnston on Xsara (66.96); 4 (equal) Kristen Wishart on Gemini (66.09) and Chloe Sinclair on Tally (66.09); 5 Tahnae McClennan on Paddy (62.61); 6 Kaitlin McKearney on Biscuit (60.00); special Chloe Sinclair on Romeo (58.70).

Seniors: 1 Alison Rennie on Winnie (73.04); 2 Lesley Cafferky on Sox (66.50); 3 Alison Rennie on Breeze (61.74).

Preliminary one: 1 Lori Bulter on Sonic (66.32);2 Claire Johnston on Xsara (65.79); 3 Kristen Wishart on Gemini (64.21); 4 Ailsa Sinclair on Teka (63.68);5 Tahnae McClennan on Paddy (57.37);6 Caitlin McKearney on Biscuit (55.26).

Preliminary 12 : 1 Clare Williamson on Sox (74.40); 2 Angela Thompson on Hestin (69.60); 3 Clare Williamson on Isla (66.40); 4 Amanda Slater on Erin (66.00); 5Ailsa Sinclair or Teka (64.40); 6 Lori Bulter on Sonic (63.60).

Novice 24: 1 Clare Williamson on Sox (67.04); 2 Clare Williamson on Isla (65.9); 3 Amanda Slater on Erin (64.81);4 Angela Thompson on Hestin (60.37).

Style Jumping
Minimus class: 1 Megan Grant on Breeze; 2 Claire Johnson on Xsara; 3 Tahnae Mc Clennan on Paddy; 4 Chloe Sinclair on Romeo.

Novice class: 1Alison Rennie on Breeze; 2 Ailsa Sinclair on Teka; 3 Clare Williamson on Sox; 4 Kristen Wishart on Gemini.

Intermediate class: 1Alison Rennie on Winnie; 2 Amanda Slater on Erin; 3 Lori Bulter on Sonic.

Pairs top score: 1 Megan Grant on Breeze and Ailsa Sinclair on Teka; 2 Clare Williamson on Sox and Tahnae McClennan on Paddy; 3 Lori Bulter on Sonic and Claire Johnson on Xsara;4 Chloe Sinclair on Romeo and Amanda Slater on Erin.

Pairs relay: 1Megan Grant on Breeze and Ailsa Sinclair on Teka; 2 Lori Bulter on Sonic and Claire Johnson on Xsara; 3 Clare Williamson on Sox and Tahnae McClennan on Paddy; 4 Chloe Sinclair on Romeo and Amanda Slater on Erin.


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