Excellent wins for JBT and Sandwick

The latest results in the current women’s volleyball competition saw good wins for leaders Sandwick and second-placed JBT.

BP Sullom Voe Ladies League

Hoodies 0, JBT 3
(12-25, 10-25, 16-25)

JBT started with some brilliant serves from Monika Los to take the first couple of points, and they were the first team to reach double figures.

Hoodies fought back hard with steady service from Denise Morrison before making a substitution of Sasha Wood for Lisa Haining. There was great play from both teams with Anne Mouat making a couple of aggressive hits to continue JBT’s lead.

Hoodies kept their resolve and crept back with some vital points before Hazel Aitken served on match point and Mandy Phillips finished the first set with a win for JBT.

Louise Birnie started the Hoodies off on the second set with brilliant serves. Ava Sim hammered down the return to keep the Hoodies in the game. Brilliant play from both teams kept this set more evenly matched but JBT still had the edge with good service from Phillips rattling the Hoodies composure who then called time out to try and regain some control. But unfortunately it was too late and JBT took the second set.

Los started service in the third set for JBT but the Hoodies were determined to take the set with a great hit from Ann-Marie Goudie to help them edge forward, only for JBT to fight back hard and be the first team into double figures again.

This set saw JBT making a substitution of Aitken for Sharon Powell before Birnie made some vital stretches for the Hoodies to keep them in play. Sim served well for the Hoodies and they called another time out to focus on this new-found determination.

With just two points from JBT taking the set and game, the Hoodies hung on with some brilliant rallies before Phillips finished the game for JBT on service.

Most valuable players were Ava Sim for the Hoodies and Monika Los for JBT.

Bench Warmers 0, Sandwick 3
(9-25, 21-25, 19-25)

Bench Warmers claimed the first point of the set as Sandwick’s first serve went wide. Both teams took a while to settle into their game before Sandwick pulled ahead at 8-3 with some great serving from Lauris Kurtz. Meanwhile Kaye Riise used her height effectively at the net as she blocked any Bench Warmers attacks coming through.

Andrea Tait worked tirelessly in serve reception for Bench Warmers but they were finding it difficult to piece together their three-pass attack, allowing Sandwick to capitalise and increase their lead.

Bench Warmer Shona Keith had some strong attacks through the outside, taking back serve and claiming back a few points for her team. Sandwick finished the set strongly 25-9 with great serving from Becky Peterson.

Bench Warmers came back on to court in the second set determined to win and started strongly, taking the first two points. Sandwick responded quickly to take the next five points. Bench warmers fought back and worked some great attacks to even the scores at 7-7.

Great teamwork and communication from Bench Warmers allowed them to take the lead. Joan Smith was working hard for Sandwick in serve reception, making some great pick-upsk but Bench Warmers were still holding on to their lead by a small margin.

The end of this set focused on serving with Peterson’s formidable serves causing problems for the Bench Warmers, allowing Sandwick to even the scores at 16-16. Keith showed what she was made of as she claimed two aces to take her team ahead once again.

Jane Bray was up next for Sandwick as she served well to take the scores back to even again at 21-21. The set could have been taken by either team but Sandwick pulled together as a team to see it out at 25-21.

Peterson was up first to serve for Sandwick in the third set and Bench Warmers struggled to deal with the power of her serve, allowing Sandwick to claim the first eight points.

Keith stepped up to serve for Bench Warmers and got her team back into the set. Play was more even with good attacking play from both teams allowing them both to claim points. Sandwick took control and extended their lead 16-7.

Bench Warmers were not finished yet with and some good work at the net from Gayle Johnson closed the gap. Both teams seemed to lose focus which saw some wayward passing and miscommunication creeping in. Sandwick sorted themselves out quickly and drew ahead again as Peterson came back in to serve.

At 24-12 everyone thought it was in the bag for Sandwick but a crucial serve was put into the net, allowing Bench Warmers back into contention. The next few minutes was all about the Bench Warmers with some of their best play of the game, taking point after point through some well-executed attacking play from Emma Inkster to close the gap. But it was not to be as Sandwick got that crucial point to see them clinch the set 25-19 and take the match 3-0.

MVPs were Shona Keith for Bench Warmers and Becky Peterson for Sandwick.

FIXTURES Tonight at the Clickimin Centre in the BP Sullom Voe Mens League: 7pm – DITT Globetrotters v JBT Men; 9pm – Harry’s Hotspurs v Sandwick Men.


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