Past Times: Hamefarin hentilagets…

From The Shetland Times, Friday 3rd June, 1960

THREE B.B.C. T.V. experts arrived for Hamefarin – but without any equipment. They just wanted “to have a look at it so we can do it properly in 1961”!

ONLY CASUALTY in the Battle of Clickimin is now looking for the guy who gave him a Pat on the head with a baton.

BIGGEST EFFORT at the Pageant was that of the fellow who pushed the weavers’ lorry all the way round the arena.

HARDIEST pageant performers – the Cunningsburgh men who, in drenching rain, took their jackets off before they danced the Shetland reel.

WRY SMILE from the chairman as he recalls that he took on the job after being assured that he would have nothing to do except take the chair at meetings. Moleskin!

SUGGESTED by some that “Beloved Thule” becomes the national anthem of Shetland. It certainly has the same effect as the British one – half the audience clears off as soon as it starts.

THE HEAD was all that remained of the longship after the burning. And if the Up-Helly-A’ Committee finds the chap who took a boat out and removed the head during the night – they’ll knock his head off.

PS 338 was one of the few lorries not used in the pageant. It would have been a very suitable entry on its own – a 1919 Model T Ford, still in working order, and presently displayed at Thomson’s showrooms.

TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY cars were in the car park at the pageant – a record for Shetland. Almost the same number of people came over the fence without paying. And as many more stood outside on the road.

TWO COMMITTEEMEN were sent to borrow a mirror for the dressing tent. They returned with one from the Douglas Arms, another from the Queen’s. Did they have a glass too many?

PAGEANT CREDITS failed to mention the organisation which provided a boat for burning. But maybe that was because the boys prefer to burn their boats before they ask for them!

NEW YORK has noted the Vikings. A letter from the British Holidays and Travel Association asks for a loan of the Guizer Jarl’s costume for use in a “Come to Britain” display. It may be “feajured” in a New York shop window!

COMMENT from a lady on a lorry presenting a harvest scene: “Hit’s nae wadder for hairst”.

FOR SALE – A Fifie, a Faroe smack, a steam drifter, and a dual purpose m.f.v. All built 1960. But buyer is expected to break them up!

BRASS band had more brass than usual – including Mr Norman Brass, from Kirkwall.


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