Don’t kid yourself

Well Gordon Harmer, you’re thrown your gauntlet to the ground: you will need to watch you don’t get cold hands and chilblains (and end up in a care home).

There is no-one in Shetland disputing the building of care homes for the elderly or the mentally handicapped. The argument is over the proposed huge wind turbines scattered all over our beautiful Shetland Isles, and the way these nine (better not call them numpties or idiots) councillors handled the planning department submission of the plans for Viking Energy to erect massive wind turbines, and to use the Shetland purse to finance the project.

This should not happen, and as one of the other writers says, the council have lost millions of our money on a variety of projects which I will not go into that matter at the moment. So what I propose is for you to sit back, look out your window, put your brain into gear and imagine these wind turbines in your eyeline of view. And don’t kid yourself, you will see them no matter where you are in Shetland.

And remember to take your blinkers off, and let us all know what comes into view between your ears.

You also speak about cheap power – let me tell you a story about cheap power.

On or about the year 2000 we had the district heating installed, we were guaranteed cheap heating. Today we can barely heat our home because of the cost of district heating. If there was to be power put into the local grid, believe you me it will not be cheap. These fat cats that are involved, some of them councillors, are going to line their pockets in the first instance.

The likes of myself, uneducated and living on the breadline, will see no change in our pocket. The only change will be the beautiful landscape of Shetland, altered and destroyed forever.
Of course I like councillors but there are a few that are dumber than dumb. I will not mention names as it seems to offend certain people with the same mentality as them.

Is that not right Mr Harmer, that had Tom Stove, Willie Smith and Leonard Groat, also the late Cecil Eunson, Alex Morrison, JJ Taylor and Eric Gray, to name but a few, been in the town hall this problem would never have arisen, as they were men that knew what Shetland stood for, and its needs?

But that’s the past. The future now lies in the hands of these numpties (oops, sorry Mr Harmer).

And finally, Shetlanders must have a say on the outcome of this proposed windfarm; after all it’s Shetlanders’ money that is going to finance this fiasco.

By the way, I have been inundated all day with well wishers. It’s nice to be popular. I hope you didn’t lose your gauntlet in the snow.

Sandy McMillan

13 South Lochside,


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