Little heard from Viking

Supporters of Viking Energy will keep on asserting that those who oppose the project are against windmills, despite being told the opposite on many occasions.

I for one think that windmills, windylights, wind generators – even windfarms – as a sustainable method of producing power could be considered okay, even preferred, given the right location and conditions.

However, just because a giant windfarm is suitable for one area does not mean it is, or should be, acceptable in another, i.e. Shetland. Tidal and wave power could be the ideal methods of providing Shetland’s needs for generations to come.

I don’t know of anyone’s opposition to Viking Energy having anything to do with prejudice against windmills of any size, or NIMBYism, but why should any family or community be forced to live in the shadow of such monsters? And the financial risks, the unknown as well as the known reasons for opposing Viking Energy in this scheme, should render this project unacceptable to us in Shetland.

Our community is divided over the project, but we hear very little from Viking Energy who leave their supporters’ group to do their work for them. Is this because of the conflict of interests by those who are employed to represent us as councillors, to make decisions on our collective behalf, yet also work for Viking Energy?

Fortunately in our democracy we have the right to question their motives and methods, protect our environment, and to protest without fear.

Kathy Greaves

3 Anderson Road,


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