The issue is Viking (Kevin Learmonth)

Last week the SIC quietly granted planning permission for a five-turbine windfarm near Cullivoe in Yell.

How many representations were received against this development? None. I’ll say that again. Not one single objection. How many letters of support were received? None. Zero. Zilch. So much for Sustainable Shetland being painted as anti-windfarm. So much for the Windfarm Supporters Group supporting all windfarms.

This is in stark contrast to responses to the Viking Energy planning application, where 1,100 people contacted the planning authority to say they supported it. Good for them for making the effort. However, over 2,700 wrote to say they objected to Viking Energy. Over 85 per cent of responses, for and against, came from Shetland.

Scottish election candidates would do well to remember there is little “anti-windfarm” sentiment in Shetland. The issue is Viking Energy, not windfarms. Ducking this clear and burning issue doesn’t make it go away, but it does expose a strategy devoid of leadership or integrity.

Kevin Learmonth
East Voe,


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  • Ian Tinkler

    • April 28th, 2011 10:09

    Very well said Kevin. Viking Energy is no more than a money spinner for the greedy, unfortunately often supported by the stupid and ignorant. Too complex for Tavish to have a public view on. His brand of wishy washy leadership is as needle sharp as wet seaweed!

  • Colin Hunter

    • April 28th, 2011 15:38

    It is the time honoured question as to what came first, The chicken or the egg? Almost as soon as the plans for the windfarm were revealed and before the ink was even dry, “Susutainable Shetland” sprang up and condemned it. Had that not happened there would have been no need for a supporters group. So chicken first then! The reason no-one has objected to the Cullivoe windfarm is probably because it is a community project and the people involved are happy with it. Also the fact that a lot of anti Viking people won’t be able to see it, probably because some aresmall minded nimbyists who can’t bear to see anybody having a bit of courage and foresight by putting their own money behind a project which then becomes a success. The most common objection that I hear is “I’ll be able to see X number of them from my window” and if that’s not nimbyist, I’m a Dutchman! As for being stupid and ignorant, I happen to know personally some of the people involved with Viking, and they are very well educated, some to Degree level. Also, other people who belong to the supporters group could in no way be described in this way, coming from all walks of life and covering a broad spectrum of the social strata. Finally, speaking of lacking leadership, since Billy Fox has stood down to become a prospective MSP, is not the Chicken that is Sustainable Shetland, now also “headless”?

  • Gordon Harmer

    • April 28th, 2011 17:16

    Good morning Mr Tinkler bless your heart and soul,
    I think your letter proves you’ve scored an own goal,
    For when I read your letter Sir, I thought oh goodness me,
    This is written by a diddly donk or some one under three,
    But the letter I agree with was sent by Colin Hunter,
    And he’s a very clever man who engineered a Dunter,
    And every one is allowed an opinion and time will tell who’s right,
    And until that time comes along please stop writing rubbish.

  • Robert Smith

    • April 29th, 2011 0:16

    Again renewables are shot to pieces.
    When are we going to waken up to the fact that the current renewables fad is beyond stupidity.

  • Colin Hunter

    • April 29th, 2011 13:40

    OK Mr Smith, If you’re so anti “renewables” pray tell us your vision for the future. What is YOUR alternative plan?
    Oil? …. Finite resource, fast running out and becoming increasingly expensive. also produces CO2 which is what all the fuss seems to be about these days.
    Gas? ….. As above!
    Coal?…. Plenty of coal left but we can’t burn it for much the same reasons as with oil. Add in Sulphur dioxide and you have acid rain. Also Maggies vandalism of UK coal mining in the ’80’s has all but destroyed the industry which extracted it.
    Nuclear?…. Recent events in Japan have highlighted shortcomings with that particular source of energy which thankfully we shouldn’t have to deal with in this country. However, there is the question of what we do with the spent fuel. Shall we just leave that one to our childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens (etc) children?
    Peat? … There are some peat fuelled power stations in existence but seeing as we’re not even allowed to touch it without releasing CO2 I guess that one is a non starter too.
    Wood Pellets?…. Oh sorry, that would be a renewable source so it’s stupid!
    Bio Fuels? … See above.
    What does that leave? By my reckoning it leaves Conventional Hydro which requires the damming of rivers and subsequent flooding of the landscape and we’ve probably run out of viable sites for it anyway. Tidal and wave which are in their infancy except for places which have a HUGE rise and fall in tide which can be contained with a barrage, yet another controversial subject. And, of course, wind! Peculiar really how well it seems to work, even if it is “stupid”!


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