Sick to my stomach (Donald McDonald)

An everyday event – a wedding – involving two young people who are of absolutely no consequence to me, my friends, my community or my family.

For this, the nation’s industry is brought grinding to a halt. If the trade unions achieved this there would be an outcry from the establishment.

From the BBC and other news media we are subjected to an avalanche of sycophantic drivel, a deliberate (or are the media peoples’ heads so far up their own fundamentals that is an unwitting) campaign to brainwash the public. Priority is given to this non-event in the news as our country fires missiles at a capital city.

Millions are being squandered on the pomp, ceremony, hospitality and security surrounding this event; meanwhile the government is squeezing people dry and families struggle to heat their homes and put food on their tables in an age of supposed austerity.

I’m afraid the whole affair makes me sick to my stomach.

Donald McDonald


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