Challengers and Loungers winners in netball first division

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There were wins in netball’s top flight for Challengers and Loungers. Meanwhile Wastside and Da McEwans proved too strong for their rivals in the second division. In the third division Arctic Security maintained their dominance with the points after Scallywags failed to field a team and Ness were too strong for Tingwall.

Division 1

Unst 24, Challengers 32

This isles match is always a good natured encounter. Unst settled first and dominated the first few minutes of play, with good, sharp passing from Kathleen Johnson in to Claire Priest and Fern Johnson in the shooting circle. But then Challengers managed to establish their rhythm and fought back to even the score. The quarter ended 7-7.

Challengers came out strongly in the second quarter, dominating the play. Shooting duo Vaila Kay and Louise Johnson barely missed a shot and with good feeding from centre Catherine Williamson Unst’s defence had to work really hard. Challengers pulled ahead with a half time score of 11-17.

Both teams made changes in the third quarter, with Sandra Petrie and young Emma Niven making their debuts for Unst. Challengers continued to increase their lead with strong passing and movement. Lynsey Irvine and Linda Irvine paired up well in the Challengers defence. But some great battling and interceptions from Unst’s Janet Abernethy kept them in the game. The quarter ended 15-26.

Unst fought back in the last quarter. As the two debutants settled into their positions the ball started to move around more freely and accurately. But Challengers managed to keep the lead and with Catherine always at hand to help move the ball to their end of the court they kept the lead. The match ended 24-32.

Players of the match were Janet Abernethy and Sandra Petrie for Unst and Catherine Williamson for Challengers.

AHS 19, Loungers 48

The game started with a very fast pace as both teams fought tirelessly for the ball. End-to-end play resulted in a low scoring quarter as the defenders for both teams picked up any rebounds. Tight marking from both Loungers and AHS also resulted in the ball rarely getting to the circle leaving the first quarter with Loungers just in the lead at 7-5.

Loungers settled quickly into the second quarter with strong attacking play into the circle combined with strong shooting from Stella Oldbury and Claire Young who worked hard to get past the AHS defence. Their defence also worked strongly as a unit to prevent the ball coming near the circle as much as possible. The half-time score was 22-10 to Loungers.

The second half continued with Loungers dominating but the AHS attackers worked hard to get the ball in to shooters Louise Jamieson and Haley Tulloch who were shooting well when they got the chance. AHS defenders Iona Holmes and Rozanne Georgeson continued to work tirelessly but Loungers had the upper hand, leaving the third quarter with a score of 34-16.

In the final quarter AHS attackers worked hard to get the ball into their circle but the Loungers defence were too strong, making many well timed interceptions. Loungers play continued to be strong and fluent but the young AHS team never gave up fighting. The match ended 28-19 to Loungers.

Players of the match were Victoria Duthie for Loungers and Iona Holmes for AHS.

Division 2

Supernova 24, Wastside 42

Supernova took the first centre pass, quickly passing the ball down the court and into the shooting circle, where the first goal of the match was scored. However, Wastside settled quickly and with some brilliant mid-court play from Julie Crossan (C) and Louise Morrison (WA) the ball made its way into their circle where it was swiftly converted into goals by Catherine Henry (GS) and Mhari Moncrieff (GA).

The score at the end of the first quarter stood at 6-9 in Wastside’s favour.

Both teams continued to fight for every stray ball and rebound, with Wastside’s Pauline Walterson (GD) and Susan Morrison (GK) making life increasingly more difficult for the Supernova shooters. Supernova’s mid-court play was a bit scrappy, with some poor passing which enabled Wastside to further increase their lead by six goals, with the score sitting at 14-20 at half-time.

Neither team had any subs for this match and Supernova’s energy levels started to drop in the third quarter, with Wastside quickly taking advantage of this, scoring effortlessly from all over the shooting circle, despite the determined defending of Vicky Anderson (GD) and Jenny Wylie (GK). Supernova struggled to get the ball down the court, with their shooters only managing to score three goals compared to Wastside’s 11. The quarter ended with Wastside having a comfortable 14-goal lead, 17-31.

Supernova fought back in the fourth and final quarter determined to get to half points, however, despite every effort Wastside continued to dominate the match. Supernova’s Liz Haining (GA) and Marianne Williamson (GA) worked tirelessly in the circle, supported by newcomer Vicky Anderson (WA) and Helen Mathewson (C), and this paid off with eight goals being scored and half points secured.

Wastside deservedly won the match, 24-42, with Supernova’s Helen Mathewson (C) and Wastside’s Pauline Walterson (GD) crowned players of the match.

Da McEwans 40, Da Hooligans 29

Da McEwans started very strongly and soon raced into a strong lead as Alison Williamson and Emily Henderson settled into their shooting. Da Hooligans came more into the game but Shona Moncrieff, Diane Leask and Emma Nicolson were strong in defence and made things difficult for them.

Da Hooligans came out more determined in the second quarter and Karis Irvine and Rhona Tait began to feed good balls in to their shooters Valerie Sales and Marie Manson. Da McEwans were unfortunate to lose Shona to injury in this quarter, which unsettled them a bit and Da Hooligans capitalised on this and narrowed the gap slightly.

The third quarter was a close affair with end to end play and lots of goals. The Da Hooligans defence of Lara Kay, Nicola Polson and Abbey Irvine tightened their game up and made things difficult for Da McEwans, but they held onto their lead going into the last quarter.

It was all to play for in the last quarter and Da McEwans’ experience shone through as Eileen Robertson, Gemma Manson and Maggie Irvine dominated the mid court and ensured a win. The match ended 40-29 in Da McEwans favour. Players of the match were Diane Leask for Da McEwans and Rhona Tait for Da Hooligans.

Division 3

Arctic Security v Scallywags

Points were awarded to Arctic Security as Scallywags were unable to field a team.

Tingwall 18, Ness 27

The game started with both teams playing fast. This resulted in end to end play, with several mistakes being made by both teams. Great defending by Ness resulted in Ness leading at the end of the first quarter 7-4.

Both teams settled in the second quarter, with fast accurate passing from Ness, and superb shooting from Caroline Wood and Elizabeth Williamson. Tingwall continued to put pressure on with great defending and strong passes between Kayti Jeromson, Louise Arthur and Joanne Anderson bringing the ball to the shooters to bring the score closer.

After a few changes Tingwall worked hard to stop the ball reaching the shooters. Again there was a lot of end to end play, but despite great defending by Vivenne and Elaine Kirk Caroline Wood was unstoppable, and scored every shot.

Tingwall fought back in the last quarter, however Ness played fast and accurately with most centre passes getting straight to the shooters. Tingwall didn’t make it easy and they had to work for every goal. However Ness shooters were on top form.

Players of the match were Kayti Jeromson for Tingwall and Caroline Wood for Ness.


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