Agency is on the game in Lerwick

Shetland’s first “escort” service has begun operating from a residential address in central Lerwick.

“Magnificent Shetland Escort” is listed in a well known online direct­ory, with a mobile phone number and address provided.

The service appears to be con­nected to an agency based in Aber­deen, called Honey Worldwide or Honey Touring Scotland. It advert­ises just one escort, said to be in her late thirties and of Brazilian origin.

It seems likely that the arrival of such a service in the town is related to the increased workforce now present at the Total gas plant development.

Prostitution is not against the law in Scotland, though loitering or soliciting for sex in public is con­sidered antisocial behaviour and can result in ASBOs being taken out against offenders. But a degree of tolerance is common in most parts of the country.

Calls to recognise women as victims of prostitution are growing, however, and could ultimately result in the buying of sex being made illegal. Karen McKelvie of Shetland Women’s Aid said this week that, in the view of the organisation, “escort agencies are a form of commercial sexual exploitation, alongside pole/lap dancing, stripping, prostitution, pornography, brothels and internet sex forums.

“Commercial sexual exploitation supports a culture that views women as objects who are more a sum of body parts than a whole being, and eroticises men’s violence and their perceived right to buy whatever acts they have sexualised.

“Although the scale of this industry in the UK is unparalleled in human history, so far, Shetland has had no visible signs of commercial sexual exploitation taking place.

“Shetland Women’s Aid believes that the prevalence and acceptability of violence against women is in­extric­ably linked with commercial sexual exploitation and we struggle to see how equality could ever be an integral feature of Shetland society while predominantly one gender will be exploited for sexual gratification.”


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  • Lynn Robertson

    • March 10th, 2013 9:59

    Escort does not mean prostitute!

    Attitudes that it does are what turn an innocent business venture into something it never set out to be. Clients make use of the service, expect what they shouldn’t (as this article is doing so very well to prove) and things can turn very nasty for the poor escorts.

    I hope that people can ignore this article and set out to use the service in the innocent way I hope it was set up to function.

  • Marvin Jamieson

    • March 10th, 2013 10:14

    What a load of sensationalist codswallop.

    Anyone with any local knowledge, or access to the internet for that matter, knows such services have always been available here, both in Lerwick and Scalloway.

    Nothing new about this “news”.

  • Grace Michelle D

    • March 11th, 2013 12:34

    I’m the escort called Honey in your article. Thank you for the free publicity but I hope the publicity does not result in a flood of girls. I have worked in the sex industry for fifteen years and travelled throughout the UK, Eire, Scandinavia and the US. In all that time, I’ve never encountered anyone being trafficked. I think that sex slaves are an urban myth that people find titillating. And I love my job! I would recommend the local people don’t worry about my presence as I am very discreet independent Escort and I am not in the least exploited by anyone…

  • John Spencer

    • March 11th, 2013 14:43

    I am sure all bored man in the Island and oil workers, Will have a good reason to stay…

    It’s such great news.

    Thank you! for sharing it 🙂

  • M Inkster

    • March 11th, 2013 15:59

    As proprietor of one of the three flats at St Olaf’s Hall in Church Road, which is let out to legitimate holiday/business travellers, I wish to make it clear, having checked with the other two proprietors, that the escort called Honey has no associatiion whatsoever with these flats and that any claim that she operates from any of the flats in St Olaf’s Hall is erroneous. I would accordingly suggest, Honey (with a capital H), that you delete any reference to this address from your advertising literature. Michael Inkster, Shetland Harbour Apartments, Lerwick.

  • Joe johnson

    • March 11th, 2013 16:00

    Oh my God!

  • Louise Thomason

    • March 11th, 2013 16:07

    I’m utterly gobsmacked by your response, Grace Michelle. Surely you can’t really believe sex trafficking is an urban myth? And one that people find titillating? I’m sure no pun was intended…

    It’s fortunate that you don’t seem to have had bad experiences and don’t feel exploited yourself, but it’s not helpful to the many thousands of women working in the sex industry that may be doing so against their will, in less than positive circumstances, to suggest that these things don’t happen.

  • Sandy McDonald

    • March 12th, 2013 3:27

    Can’t wait for UHA next year! Also, love the panicked response from one of the proprietors of one of the flats in the complex…. Looking forward to the coming deluge of comments on this story.

  • Wayne Conroy

    • March 12th, 2013 14:23

    I am also distressed to hear Grace Michelle talking about exploitation as if it doesn’t exist and to suggest the idea is some sort of titillation. Exploitation in the sex industry is a serious matter that happens worldwide and I am confused as to how someone that has worked for 15 years in such a profession can be so shuttered to not realise this is the case.

    Like Sandy McDonald I am also amused by the panicked response from the proprietors of one of the flats. Mind you, one has to wonder if you’d have to be in the above profession to afford the advertised “standard” rent of £70-£100 a night…

  • Grace Michelle

    • March 12th, 2013 14:23

    Why it’s become a big deal now?? I have been advertising in Shetland for almost 1 year.. Understand that business should be treated as a business, I am not here for the Locals . If you want Chines food you should go to the Local Chines??? Whatever. The escort service means I am visiting the clients at the house or hotels.. It’s not a statement that my location is the place I am attends in calls… Mr. Michael… I am not rent from you, but if I was it would be a place that I would treat with respect. You would not know as I don’t carry any business for others property… When I am comfortable to do in calls I buy a property myself so I would not need to deal with Hypocrisy and false moralities. Someone need to offer the service it’s a man necessity., Believe me I am also in rental business myself….Whatever by the human rights, you can’t discriminate any one or refuse a rental because they are an escort… Escorting is not illegal… The only way you can do that is if you prove that person is running a brothel from your property…a brothel is a property where more the one woman offering sex for a paid fare.
    Ps: in Shetland has been some of local ladies offering a similar service for Years… maybe she’s your next door neighbor ? What do you know???

  • Grace Michelle

    • March 12th, 2013 14:26

    Ps: Honey is a adopted name…any way…

  • Grace Michelle

    • March 12th, 2013 14:43

    I am not mean to offend any one here! The publicity just do good for my business. But I would like to you all forget about me… If you are not a client you should not be interested on it.

    Ps: I did check and asked the advertiser to change the address.. My incall place are in Aberdeen not shetland..


  • Grace Michelle

    • March 12th, 2013 16:34


    May my 15 years in a sex industry ( Work from Spain to Scadinavian as far of USA) can’t be accountable.

    I just know what I know and what I experienced.


  • Mirren Young

    • March 13th, 2013 1:30

    Good gracious, I don’t know what everyone’s up in arms about!

    An escort in shetland! wow the worlds not going to end…. You can’t expect anyone to actually believe that their have never been escorts in shetland before Honey.

    Not your business? Not your problem!

  • Michael Inkster

    • March 13th, 2013 13:32

    A slight deviation there, Mr Conroy, but in actual fact, the feedback we are getting from our customers travelling to Shetland, whether for business or on holiday, is that for prices comparable to a single hotel room, our four star self-catering accommodation is good value for money and offers greater independence, space, and privacy etc when compared to alternative types of accommodation. Included in the advertised price is wireless broadband, weekly housekeeping etc, and all of our properties are fully equipped with solid oak/leather furnishings, quality branded appliances, memory foam mattresses etc. M Inkster, Director, Shetland Harbour Apartments, Lerwick.

  • Grace Michelle

    • March 13th, 2013 20:36

    I have received several emails, calls and text message; I can’t believe how supportive the people around there…are if you have a property to rent I would be interested so i can have my own place for the time I spend in Shetland…
    Just call me or email, discretion is assured.

    Cheers, and Thank you for all the support.

  • john stonehouse

    • March 13th, 2013 22:29

    Is it symbiosis when the outpourings of a certain M.Inkster seem unfailingly to stimulate haemorrhoids?

  • Grace Michelle

    • March 15th, 2013 15:40

    You make my day John Stonehouse,,, It’s sounds very funny lol.


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