15th November 2018
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Questionable customer relations (Rhona Anderson)

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Picture this: a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon, and three foreign cyclists have hired bikes from a Lerwick establishment for a five-day cycling tour of Shetland.

One of the bikes breaks down and is unable to be ridden. They phone the establishment for help and are told that it’s not part of the agreement and it refuses to come and help. The cyclists come into the shop to ask if there are any transport companies locally that can get the bike and rider back into Lerwick before 5.30pm. Luckily we eventually managed to get the bike and rider back to Lerwick.

I think that the bike hire company should be ashamed of themselves and their customer relations. How hard would it have been to come out with a new bike and pick up the broken one? Again Lerwick’s customer relations comes into question.

The company in question was not the Shetland Community Bike Project.

Rhona Anderson
J&K Anderson


  1. Sheenagh Burns

    Name and shame, I say! So that others can avoid them.

  2. neil leask

    Please note that this has nothing to do with the “Shetland Community Bike Project”

  3. Caroline Carroll

    In case of any speculation Harry’s Dept Store sells bikes but we do not hire them. This has nothing to do with Harry’s either.

  4. Leslie Lowes

    What an appalling way to treat a customer who hired a bicycle from this trader.

    If it broke down, it clearly was not fit for the purpose intended, so it should certainly have been replaced to honour the contract with the customer. This creates a really bad impression to any visitor and this bike hirer must do better or they are letting Shetland down.

    I don’t blame other cycle companies for making it clear that their businesses were not involved in this but as Rhona Anderson says it is an example of failed customer relations, an isolated example I trust.

  5. ian tinkler

    About bikes I agree, however ! It’s good to see you are still writing letters, Les Lowes. You once described me as no gentleman and Viking Energy protesters as contemptible and militant. With regards to me, you may have been correct; but how about SuS and VE protestors, still militant and contemptible? Now VE has at last shown its true nature and dishonest propagandist practices, just who and what are truly contemptible? An honest answers please. Just a big dig about what really matters.

  6. David Spence

    Another example of why Britain is dubbed in Europe as well as the tv programme as ‘ Rip Off Britain ‘……a prime example of a ‘ Capitalist mentality ‘….We’ll take your money, lie to you about our service and product and give you nothing in return in terms of after sales service…………unless you pay well over the odds for it.

    Time and time again, you go into a shop, buy a product, it turns out to be faulty or not the complete package, and the response is ‘ It is not our problem, phone this number ‘.

    I went into a local shop, bought a mobile phone, got back home only to discover the charger was faulty, went back to the shop, was told ‘ Not our problem, phone this number (the telephone provider). ‘. Went back home, phoned the company (landline) was told it wasn’t their problem, phone the manufacturer, phoned the manufacturer, was told ‘ Not our problem, phone your telephone provider ‘. So, I ended up going in circles. I went to the CAB, where they informed me ‘ The contract was between myself and the shop, and what they had said to me was wrong.’. They contacted the shop, where I was given, once I went back there, a replacement charger.

    Although some people criticize Tesco’s, I have to say their ‘ after sales service is first class. ‘. I bought a blu ray player from them but it did not have the right connections (the illustration on the box did not show or specify this). Any way, phoned up Tesco ‘ No problem sir, bring it in and we’ll replace it with the correct player with the specific connections ‘. Returned the player, got my blu ray player with the correct connections, and paid the difference. No problems, No hassle.

    A few local shops here could take some lessons from Tesco’s in their after sales service.

  7. Joe johnson

    Ian, for the love of God get a life! All you do is spend all your time here having slagging matches with people here. Go out and enjoy the fresh air or take up a hobby.

  8. ian tinkler

    I have a great life Joe, visit me on facebook and see for yourself. I just do not want a bunch of opportunists to wreck it alongside our environment. Out of interest who have I slagged off here? The criticism seems to be coming from you.

  9. JohnTulloch, Arrochar

    Oh, I don’t know, Joe, don’t you think the intelligentsia need treading on every now and again, just to prevent them becoming too far detached from the real world of business viability, fuel poverty and the like?

  10. ian tinkler

    To quote, “Ian, no offence but why you are always commenting on the reader’s views in the Shetland times. I always see your name here, don’t you have a life?”
    – Joe Johnson
    December 29, 2012
    Have you an intelligent comment to make Joe, beyond get a life? No offence meant Joe; the depth of your argument speaks for itself.

  11. Sandy McDonald

    What do the last few posts have to do with the original letter?

    There are plenty of other forums/platforms for political (and personal) debate.

    There is no need to hijack every letter and story with the same arguments, important as they may be.

  12. paul barlow


    being a pro Viking support i except your concerns. However this thread is about poor customer support. I agree the supermarkets are easier to deal with than some local shops. I guess a lot of that is down to the local shops feeling that they are making a loss.however what they should be doing is supporting their customer base.

  13. Joe johnson

    Good lord Ian, you remember the exact date when I made that comment 6 months ago! Just proves my point, you spend all your time here on the readers views in the shetland times online. I made my comment earlier because you brought up something totally irrelevant to the discussion going on just to have a go at Leslie lowes. Anyway Ian im not going to waste my time argueing with you. like I said earlier, go out and enjoy the fresh air or take up a hobby