Weather Outlook for Shetland – Friday, 23rd August 2013 at 11:17


Friday, 23rd August 2013 at 11:17


TODAY: Bright spells, but also some mist and hill fog. Patchy rain this evening. Breezy.
TONIGHT: Rain becoming heavier and persistent overnight.
TOMORROW: Outbreaks of rain in Shetland. Orkney becoming drier, brighter and less windy.
DAYS 3-5: Bright spells, but some patchy rain or showers.
DAYS 6-10: Becoming mainly dry with lighter winds for a time.


Shetland dry today but rather cloudy with some mist and hill fog patches. Orkney turning warm as the low cloud and patchy fog clears north to affect Shetland by the afternoon. Staying mostly dry overnight but with low cloud, mist and fog patches affecting Shetland. Fresh SE’ly winds.

Unsettled over the weekend with rain edging in from the west on Saturday. Sunday brighter with scattered showers, but chance of more rain on Monday, mainly for Shetland. Fresh SE’ly winds easing for a time but freshening SW’ly later.

Some showers at first next week then perhaps becoming drier as moderate or fresh SW’ly winds turn light NW’ly. The following weekend possibly cloudier with some rain or showers and freshening SW’ly winds.



A moist SE’ly airflow will freshen further today ahead of a cold front pushed east by a depression in the Iceland region. The front is expected to weaken during Saturday as it comes up against the high pressure to the east. The Scandinavian high is forecast to ridge southwest across Scotland on Sunday to link up with the Azores high by Monday. This will result in the fresh SE’ly airflow weakening before becoming a SW’ly.

The airflow may veer to a lighter NW’ly later next week as Atlantic high pressure temporarily builds towards Iceland. This could be followed by a return to a fresh SW’ly airflow after the following weekend as a depression, predicted to be moving east across Iceland, drives fronts eastwards.



Confidence level: Confidence level: Weather type –medium/high. Timing – medium.

A warm 18° Celsius in any brightness across Orkney this afternoon. Otherwise daytime temperatures rising to between 14° to 16° Celsius. Overnight lows down to 11° or 12° Celsius.


FRIDAY 23rd: Shetland mainly dry and bright though with some mist and low cloud at times. Though Orkney will start rather grey and misty with fog patches, it should become brighter by the afternoon and also turn quite warm in any sunny spells – more especially in the west with a few sunny breaks possible in the west. F5 SE’ly winds. Some showery outbreaks of rain edging in from the west during the evening and possibly turning heavy and persistent at times overnight. Low cloud and hill fog becoming more extensive.

Sea State: Mostly moderate, with a 2 metre SE’ly wind-swell.

SATURDAY 24th: While Shetland may well remain cloudy and misty with outbreaks of rain with a F4-5 SE’ly wind for much of the day Orkney should become drier and brighter with lighter F2-3 S’ly winds.

Sea State: Moderate to slight, with a 1 to 2 metre S or SE’ly wind-swell.

SUNDAY 25th: A brighter day with a few showers for a time, but chance of more rain overnight. F3-4 SE’ly winds veering SW’ly.

Sea State: Moderate to slight, with a 1 to 2 metre S or SE’ly wind-swell turning S or SW’ly. Highest in the west.



Confidence level: Weather type – medium. Timing – low/medium.

Daytime temperatures 14° to 16° Celsius. Overnight lows around 11° Celsius.


MONDAY 26th: Rather cloudy with outbreaks of mostly light rain. Some mist and hill fog. Moderate S to SW’ly winds.

Sea State: Moderate to slight, with a 1 to 2 metre S or SW’ly wind-swell. Highest in the west.

TUESDAY 27th: Patchy rain clearing to leave a mostly dry and bright day with light to moderate SW’ly winds.

Sea State: Perhaps moderate to slight, with a 1 to 2 metre SW’ly wind-swell.

WEDNESDAY 28th – MONDAY 2nd: Some showers at first but a mainly dry end to the week with mostly light NW’ly winds. The start of the following week possibly cloudier with some rain or showers and freshening SW’ly winds.

Sea State Wednesday: Possibly moderate to slight, with a 1 to 2 metre W’ly wind-swell.



Be aware that the weather over north-west Europe – and especially around the Northern Isles – is part of an ever-changing and dynamic system. Therefore regard the ’10-Day Outlook’ as a guide only – there are times when any outlook going beyond about 36 to 48 hours is likely to prove

Always check the latest forecast from the UK Met Office before undertaking any weather-dependent activity.

All forecasts are for planning purposes only.

Neither Dave Wheeler, nor any employee of Fair Isle Weather Services, accepts any liability for the accuracy of this forecast.

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