Billions plundered (Colin Hunter)

In reply to Neill Hall (Squandered billions, The Shetland Times, 28th February) regarding the undervalued sale of Royal Mail, there are indeed many precedences of botched and undervalued “privatisations” from Westminster over the years.

Even “New Labour” (read thinly-disguised Tories) had a crack at a few, and Gordon Brown’s sell-off of the UK gold reserves at the bottom of the market, followed by a multi-billion pound plundering of private pension schemes should not be forgotten lightly.

A plundering so effective that it led to the collapse of the gilt-edged “final salary pension” within the private sector.

And all that from a man who now has the temerity to come north of the border and lecture Scots on how they can’t afford to pay state pensions after independence. Not even JK Rowling could make that one up.

The post office was once the final bastion of national pride, now it is in private hands the cost of sending mail can only ever rise in order to feed the ever more ravenous “shareholders”.

The Tory led coalition with the Lib Dems (read even more thinly-disguised Tories) is now in its death throes. What’s left after the next general election?

Another right wing debacle in Westminster, or the Scottish government “you” choose in Holyrood? Your choice. Use it wisely in September.

Colin Hunter





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