18th January 2020
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Sensible amendment ( CURE members)

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Regarding the consultation on junior high school closures, we noticed the decision made at the education and families committee last week.

The preliminary requirements for JHS proposals had been amended to read:

“The retention of Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 junior high schools in Shetland should be explored as to whether this secures the best possible outcome for pupils in Curriculum for Excellence.

“The likely educational benefits are: The same teacher would deliver the content and support pupils through the whole of their National 1 to National 5 course.

“Pupils would learn in their geographical communities up to age 16.

“Teachers in junior highs would feel job satisfaction by being able to deliver from National 1 to National 5 qualifications.”

We feel this is a sensible amendment and sums up some of our main arguments about the retention of S1-S4. We are pleased to see that the SIC is taking this on board.

Leanne Johnson
Hilary Burgess
Derek Jamieson
Brian Irvine
Karen Hannay
(Members of CURE).