20th February 2020
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SNP branch backs Sturgeon

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The Shetland branch of the SNP has backed Nicola Sturgeon to replace Alex Salmond as party leader and First Minister.

Nicola Sturgeon speaks to the crowd in the Shetland Museum during her visit before the referendum. Photo: Dave Donaldson

Nicola Sturgeon speaks to the crowd in the Shetland Museum during her visit before the referendum. Photo: Dave Donaldson

Mr Salmond announced his resignation after Scottish voters rejected independence last week, with Ms Sturgeon widely expected to be his replacement.

Charlie Gallagher, convener of the SNP’s Shetland branch, said the decision to support Ms Sturgeon had been taken following the “tremendous day with us here in Shetland” last month when “she impressed all who met her”.

He added: “It is therefore with great pleasure that SNP, Shetland Branch, endorses Nicola as the next leader of our party and First Minister of Scotland. We know that Scotland will be in a safe pair of hands to take us forward to a fairer, more equal and socially just Scotland.

“It would also be inappropriate not to thank Alex Salmond for nearly 30 years service to his electorate, the people of Scotland and the SNP.  Finally we must also thank Moira [Salmond] who has quietly and efficiently supported Alex throughout all these years.  Both of you go off now and have a well earned holiday and come back refreshed and ready to contribute your vast knowledge to taking Scotland forward.

During the speech in which Mr Salmond announced his intention to step down he said: “I believe that in this new exciting situation, redolent with possibility, party, parliament and country would benefit from new leadership.”

Immediately afterwards Ms Sturgeon said ther would be “no greater privilige” if she were to be his successor.


  1. john irvine

    Big deal!

    I wonder if she also had links with sein fien?

    • Brian Smith

      Brilliant comment.

      • John Tulloch


        Following Alex Salmond’s comments regarding “other ways” of getting to independence (forbye the ballot box) and regarding Westminster’s (for want of a better word) colonialisation of Scotland, would you rate his First Ministership as akin to that of Ian Smith or his future Presidency as akin to that of Mugabe?

        Or both?

    • Craig Brown

      Mr Irvine asks the question regarding sein fein and Nicola Sturgeon and I’m curious if he knows something the rest of us don’t. I hope he is not implying that the SNP and the 45% want Independance for purely religious reasons i.e bigotry. Sorry just not sure what you are driving at Mr Irvine.

    • Charlie Gallagher

      Explain yourself please.

      Chas G

  2. John Tulloch

    Caviar for Sturgeon, now that Salmond has been reeled in by the electorate.

  3. ian tinkler

    This is all a bit fishy to me. Poor Sturgeon has to make good £400 million funding gap in the Scottish NHS whilst Salmond jumps of the bridge of the sinking ship. Surprisingly, or not, many lemmings are leaping onto the SNP Arc as it flounders (sorry). Scotland may find ” A hard rain is going to fall”, never mind, we still have the bribes in place, free prescriptions, free higher education et al. Bet u it will be Westminster’s fault when it all goes belly up and we run out of money.

  4. Craig Brown

    What exactly does John Irvine mean by his comment? Sein Fein and Nicola Sturgeon in the same sentence, a bit below the belt John. Im assuming you voted No John or have I got the wrong end of the stick?? Regards Yes voter.

  5. Ian tinkler

    “The SNP MPs voted against the plan for air-strikes against Isis”, how very typical and gutless. Allow mass rape, genocide and sectarian hatred to flourish. Do nothing whilst the most evil of regimes since Nazism kills and displaces tens of thousands. Those lemmings rushing to join the SNP, take stock of what the SNP stands for.

    • John Tulloch

      Well said, Ian.

      The leaders of this ISIS crowd are circulating Internet video pictures of journalists and people who went there to help them having their heads cut off!

      If that’s the example shown by the top people, imagine what’s going on lower down when all the psychopaths have licence to do what they damn-well please, ostensibly, justified in the name of a “gentle religion”.

      The people in this country who complained the West did nothing in Rwanda, are the same ones complaining now, when they are doing something to halt the advance of a monster.

  6. Ian tinkler

    Very sadly Craig I fear you may have the right end of the stick. Several Yes boys have referenced Irish Nationalism. A quick look at Shetland News will highlight a typical Yes/Nationalist . My response is below.

    A very interesting letter from Bill Adams. He quotes Charles Parnell, in a famous speech, pertaining to Irish Nationalism. History has moved on a bit since 1885, is Bill Adams suggesting Scottish Nationalists follow the Irish example? Rebellion, Easter Uprising, Civil War, Partition, Sectarianism, Bigotry, IRA, PIRA, INLA, real IRA, Black and Tans, B Specials, UDA, UDR, Internment, H- Blocks, Bloody Sunday (Bogside Massacre), Omagh Bombing, Birmingham pubs, Manchester, and so much more, so much utter hatred and division over something as stupid as “Nationalism”. Maybe it is not over Bill Adams, there will always be a few, “Nationalist”, seeking to divide to and pursue their own narrow agenda of prejudices. Look at history Mr Adams, your quote “You may think it’s all over, believe me it’s not” , truly chilling words! The democratic will of the Scottish people was decisive, what are you advocating Bill Adams, what is not over. Nationalism, a true curse on humanity, divisive and primitive. Salmond’s dream was and is utterly decisive, we already have hatred and fighting in George square, Bill Adams is that what you want?


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