SNP stands behind Jo (George Pottinger)

This is not an SNP manifesto.

“I do not like the word devolution as it has come to be called. It implies that power rests at Westminster, from which centre some may be graciously devolved. I would rather begin by assuming that power should rest with the people who entrust it to their representatives to discharge the essential tasks of government.

“Once we accept that the Scots and Welsh are nations, then we must accord them parliaments which have all the normal powers of government, except for those that they delegate to the United Kingdom government or the EEC.

“I find it difficult to see how, if the case for Scottish and Welsh self-government is accepted at all, any powers can be reserved to the UK government except foreign affairs, defence, and the wider issues of economic policy linked to the common currency and common trade policies.

“So when we consider parliament we must think of three parliaments and of a much restricted Westminster parliament.” (Jo Grimond, A Personal Manifesto, 1983).

Alistair Carmichael recently professed that “home rule” had been achieved by his acceptance of the Lord Smith Commission findings on further Scottish devolution.

Liberal voters in Orkney and Shetland, loyal to Jo Grimond’s memory and party, should consider whether his vision of “home rule” accords with the current LibDem’s definition.

Mr Grimond would, surely, have vehemently disagreed.

The LibDem party has distanced itself from original Liberal ideals but the SNP still stands behind what Mr Grimond said on “home rule” in A Personal Manifesto, 1983 .

George Pottinger
Isles View,


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  • Robin Stevenson

    • March 1st, 2015 13:31

    A great quote from a great man George, “A Personal Manifesto” [1983],… Along with that we have another [true] Liberal Democrat in David Steel, who advocated :

    “‘The principle of home rule is different from devolution. Under home rule, sovereignty lies with the Scottish people and we decide when it is sensible to give powers to the centre on issues like foreign affairs and defence.”

    Sadly, the Lib Dems have completely lost their way since then. here`s there 2011 manifesto :

    “We are calling for a new, permanent home rule settlement, within a federal Britain, that will equip Scotland with the powers to build a fairer Scotland and a strong, sustainable economy.”

    And here’s Willie Rennie in the preface to the Scottish Lib Dems Home Rule and Community Rule report, published in 2012:

    “They were asked by our party, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, to set out the details of ‘home rule’ for Scotland within the United Kingdom.”

    Now it simply isn’t possible to have that both ways. Either the Scottish people are sovereign, or they are not. Either the Scottish people have the power to delegate foreign affairs and defence “when it is sensible”, or they don’t. Either they can decide in their own time whether or not to belong to a federal Britain, or they can’t. So which one is it?

    And surely that accords with Grimond’s and Steel’s vision: Get the power first, then decide how you want to delegate.

    The leadership of the Scottish LibDems will go on agonising over different versions of home rule, federalism, and devo-this and devo-that until they all vanish in a puff of orange smoke. They should perhaps hope their voters have a bit more sense.

    • John Tulloch

      • March 9th, 2015 13:14


      Before you and other SNP gouls go any further donning “stolen clothes” from the late Jo Grimond, he also said:

      “What we want is better government – and less of it!”

      How do you square that with the SNP’s relentless centralisation and interfering in every walk of people’s lives?

      • Robin Stevenson

        • March 9th, 2015 16:27

        Nice John, “Before you and other SNP gouls”, …So, much like yourself and Ian Tinkler, the SNP and our “Ghouls” [sorry felt the need to spell it properly] haven`t earned the right to show our appreciation toward ANY politician [that isn`t SNP] by ladeling any sort of praise of any kind on them?…Or daring to quote them , despite believing in what they say…..Really?

        Well I`d love to answer you John, but it would involve using one of Mr Grimond`s quotes, therefore I daren`t.

      • Brian Smith

        • March 9th, 2015 18:10

        I am tickled by the mass-quotation from Grimond going on at present. What the writers fail to mention is that in his dotage Grimond became an avid admirer of Thatcher. Tulloch’s attempt to claim him for UKIP, and Skene’s presentation of him as a proto-nationalist, may have some merits; but we need to be told when the various pronouncements were uttered.

      • John Tulloch

        • March 9th, 2015 22:07


        You must be very old-fashioned and have a deeply unhappy, busy, time if you feel you have to correct spelling mistakes in blog “Comments” streams.

        However, if you intend to continue ladling (“Sorry, I felt the need to spell it correctly”) out spelling advice, it’s wise to ensure your own house is in order.

      • John Tulloch

        • March 10th, 2015 10:43


        I’ll thank you not to try to “stick me to” UKIP or anyone else. My support for, or opposition to, any cause is dependent on what I judge to be appropriate at the time, as opposed to a lifetime’s slavish adherence to dogma such as nationalism and/or socialism.

        I was unaware it was UKIP policy to afford Shetland greater local autonomy, perhaps, you know otherwise?

      • Robin Stevenson

        • March 10th, 2015 14:44

        Apologies John, It was merely an attempt at “wit”, what I was meaning was, IF you feel it necessary to insult myself and the SNP, [and call us Ghouls] then you could have at least have the courtesy to spell it properly? …sadly, you missed the [tongue in cheek] sarcasm….Never mind, I`m quite sure you`ll manage to dream up many more insults before May?

      • John Tulloch

        • March 10th, 2015 16:43


        Not an issue, my response was intended in the same vein.

        There’s no point in venturing comment on politics if you aren’t the proud possessor of a hide like a rhinoceros – and, of course, having the ability to respond in kind 🙂

  • Tim Parkinson

    • March 2nd, 2015 20:42

    I remember when Jo stood down and the election to replace him was pending.

    There was a byre gable-end in Yell that could be seen from the main road on which the words ;
    ” No Jo?; No vote!!” were daubed in huge letters.

    Astute, these crofters!

  • Donald Laing

    • March 8th, 2015 0:27

    The Lib Dems quite simply have lost their way, JO Grimond was a good Leader, there was a presence about him, an air that people knew and respected. Would that he were alive today, if he was, the present Party would not be in the mess they are in and would not be haemorraging their support as they are now.
    His remark about the true meaning of Devolution is correct and succinct and the twisting and turning and downright lying by the present sorry pack of leaders trying to keep in step with their Tory masters is pathetic and irritating because instinctively one know this is wrong.
    The Liberal Party of today is a sorry and insipid version of the great Party they once were.

    • laurence paton

      • March 10th, 2015 14:27

      Briain Smith,

      I am we can all agree she had some great achievements, particularly as a woman in politics.

      I dont think we have had a leader who could equal her since, especially when dealing with the E.U.

      I also don’t know of any UKIP plan for greater autonomy for Shetland, but getting clear of the corrupt fiasco of the E.U. fisheries quota system would be a positive for our community.
      I am sure if we were an autonomous region of the UK ( like Faroe) with our own fishing laws and minister it would be a move that would bring huge economic benefits to our Islands.

      Take a look at who the European fisheries minister is at present :-
      Unsolved murders & corruption – nothing short of a gangster in reality

      • laurence paton

        • March 10th, 2015 14:30

        I also note today that his (Karmenu Vella) wikipedia page has been cleansed of his corrupt history since my first reading of it.

  • Iantinkler

    • March 9th, 2015 10:53

    George Pottinger, I have read some stupid stuff from the SNP sycophants before, this just about takes the biscuit. Jo Grimond must be turning in his grave that his words are being stolen and corrupted by the SNP in their endless spin and disingenuous propaganda. A few words below showing the true level of the SNP
    “Scotland’s first minister has refused opposition demands to apologise for remarks he made about admiring Russian president Vladimir Putin.”
    Alex Salmond commended Mr Putin on “restoring a substantial part of Russian pride. That pride kills “April 2003 – Liberal politician Sergey Yushenkov assassinated near his Moscow home, July 2003 – Investigative journalist Yuri Shchekochikhindied after 16-day mysterious illness, July 2004 – Forbes magazine Russian editor Paul Klebnikov shot from moving car on Moscow street, died later in hospital, October 2006 – Investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya shot dead outside her Moscow apartment, November 2006 – Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko died nearly three weeks after drinking tea laced with polonium in London hotel, March 2013 -Boris Berezovsky, former Kremlin power broker turned Putin critic, found dead in his UK home and Boris Nemtsov, who was cruelly shot to death on Friday.
    Now I have been given threats from Scottish Nationalists, so have many others. Nationalism, do we really need such stupidity in this day and age?.

  • Steven Jarmson

    • March 12th, 2015 10:21

    What is this Nat idiocy to think to put words in the mouths of the long dead.
    Jo Grimand is utterly irrelevant today.
    I am a fan of many of histories great people.
    The nats seem to think they own every philosophy that they think will win votes. They are trying to be all things to all people.
    I’d like to see some policies.


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