29th May 2020
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I will put the isles first (Alistair Carmichael)

I would like to thank everyone who turned out to vote in last week’s General Election.

I would particularly like to thank those who voted Liberal Democrat in sufficient numbers to return me to parliament.

Regardless of how people voted last Thursday, anyone needing my help as a Member of Parliament need only ask and they will have it.

The challenges facing the new parliament will be immense. In meeting these challenges I shall always put the interests of the isles first.

Alistair Carmichael MP
The Old Manse,


  1. Kathy Greaves

    Thank you for your assurances Mr Carmichael.

    Perhaps you can start your renewed avowal of putting the interests of the isles first by giving us a postal service. So many companies south (Scotland and England) either won’t post items to Shetland or charge extortionate ‘additional charges’, which disadvantages us and adds to our frustration and feeling of exclusion from our fellow British citizens.

    You might also find out why it takes so much longer for mail to arrive from the mainland that it used to.

    Waiting with anticipation.

    Kathy Greaves

  2. Henry Condy

    Ian I am deeply saddened by your comments, everyone who does not vote as you do is STUPID, riots division in Scotland,the riots were caused by unionists,and factions of the Orange order, who had 15000 marching in Edinburgh as a no vote,are they not allowed to think for themselves, as I see it ,Scotland would be a Commonwealth country, with Mrs Windsor ) ( a bit of lighthearted banter there, sorry the Saxe Co Bergs, oops the Queen ) being head of these institutions still, so what is the problem Ian I have to say it is you and others like you with your maniacal protests against the SNP that made people vote that way, plus the betrayal of the Scots last September, plus the negativity of both English parties,don’t go on about stealing Labours clothes, they were naked, nothing to offer, And Jim Murphy, ” Leave me alone I am making a fortune as leader of Labour ( One Mp ). How pathetic, that’s what killed Labour. Finally the Nazi comments made against the SNP, if they had been made against the Israelites, you would have been in court on Anti Semetic Charges, shame on you and your ilk

    • Robin Stevenson

      Well said Henry, I particularly like “don’t go on about stealing Labours clothes, they were naked”, although, having said that, I’ve now got a horrible picture in my mind that’s putting me off my cereal. 🙂

    • Ian Johnstone

      Well said Henry i apologise also for thinking your name was Harry

  3. iantinkler

    Henry,!!! what and whom are you blathering about. This Ian has made no comment here, nor any other Ian for that matter.

  4. Ed Freshwater

    Turns out he’ll put smear and telling porkies first!

  5. Robin Stevenson

    “I would like to thank everyone who turned out to vote in last week’s General Election”…[Thanks]

    “I would particularly like to thank those who voted Liberal Democrat in sufficient numbers to return me to parliament”…..[Poor gullible Mugs]

    “Regardless of how people voted last Thursday, anyone needing my help as a Member of Parliament need only ask and they will have it”……[Your resignation?]

    “The challenges facing the new parliament will be immense. In meeting these challenges I shall always put the interests of the isles first”…..[Really?…Is lying to the voters to get elected putting the interests of the Isles first then Alistair?]

    • Ali Inkster

      If the lie helped keep the SSnp out of the northern isles then yes he was serving the best interests of his constituents. 😉 Now when Salmond and Sturgeon told their lie about EU legal advice then went to court to prevent the people finding out there was no such advice. Were they acting in the public interest? POTS and KETTLES comes to mind reading the shite you write Wrobin.

  6. iantinkler

    A memo stating that Nicola Sturgeon told the French Ambassador that she would “rather see” David Cameron win the election was “recorded accurately” and not politically motivated, an official inquiry has found. Now Robin, was Nicola porking also when she stated” the memo was “100 per cent untrue”.? Perhaps both should resign, I will not however hold my breath!

  7. Haydn Gear

    It’s just a thought and an open question in regard to what Nicola Sturgeon apparently said to the French Ambassador.Some letter writers refer to porkies. Why don’t they come clean and say lies? Furthermore, those who are baying for blood (or should that be resignations?) should state whether or not they have ever lied or been “economical” with the truth. It would be interesting to know who is whiter than white. However, if nobody can claim to be perfect, I would suggest they put a sock in it, go for a head clearing walk and then get an early night, maybe with a dram or two. Holier than thou people are a pain in the a–e.

    • Robin Stevenson

      There is a vast difference from the “average person” telling a porky, than a democratically elected representative of the people, who put their trust in that individual who is supposedly now a “right honourable gentleman”, it has nothing to do with anyone thinking they are “Holier than thou”, but has everything to do with abusing the trust of their position, a trust which they are paid handsomely for and a broken trust which has led to a cost of £1.4 Million.

      • Gordon Harmer

        So Robin you obviously condemn Salmond and Sturgeons lies about EU membership and Swinney’s lies about the shared currency during the referendum. Plus you condemn the use of tens of thousands of tax payers pounds used in legal battles to hide the evidence from Joe public. That is nice to hear. So while we are on the subject of honesty, tell me just who are you? Are you in the employ of the SNP, are you an SNP politician using a pseudonym, or are just an ordinary person like the rest of us on here?

        Just to make a small but relevant point when Carmichael told his lie he was not a democratic elected representative, as all MPs had stepped down and some had become candidates therefore he was not a right honourable gentleman. So Haydn is right and once again your spin has caught you out.

      • Robin Stevenson

        Gordon, your attempt at deflecting the issue is laughable, this isn’t about Alex Salmond, Nicola OR Swinney, whether you choose to believe in the Daily Blah is your business, some of us prefer to get our information from a more genuine source other than our London based media.

        as far as Carmichael is concerned, both you and Haydn are absolutely wrong, Carmichael WAS the secretary of State for Scotland and MP for S&O at that time, a democratically “Elected”, member of Parliament,[De Facto] so there is nothing relevant about your point whatsoever.

      • Gordon Harmer

        Robin your spin is as usual pathetic, he was not an MP at the time and you know it, all MPs were stood at the close of Parliament.
        How about you answer the question I asked of you, this is something you have evaded time after time, what are you hiding?
        Salmond lied about EU membership for an independent Scotland; Sturgeon backed him up. John Swinney lied about the currency union and was proved to be lying by the bank of England, all true and none of it from your source of information, the bottom of the bucket Wikilies.
        Climb down from the moral high ground Robin because you do not own it, you publicly back and condone SNP lies from the referendum and refuse to tell us who you are.
        We may well respect what you say if you come clean and tell us who or what you are, or is it a case of; if you do tell us you will have been exposed to be no better than Carmichael. I publicly challenge you to reveal who you are and your purpose on this and other web sites.

      • Ian Johnstone

        well said Robin i totally agree

  8. Ian Johnstone

    Time to resign alistair carmichael you are not worthy

  9. Ian Johnstone

    oops meant Haydn

  10. Ian Johnstone

    well said Harry

  11. iantinkler

    Haydn, I doubt if there is a person alive whom has never lied, nor dead for that mater, sorry Christians, however those in public office should hold to a higher standard.. Deliberate dishonesty should be accountable. Resigning and holding for reelection is hardly a death sentence,. I would be an honest end to a sorry mistake, would it not.
    Now can someone tell me, did Nicola lie also? If so we should know, and expect her to at least to apologies, otherwise she is seen as tared with the Salmond brush.

  12. Michael Inkster

    Surely, by definition, all dishonesty is deliberate?

  13. Ian Johnstone

    I see one of my comments haven’t appeared I certainly for one won’t be putting a sock in anything Haydn it’s called free speech

  14. Haydn Gear

    Maybe Nicola Sturgeon did make a mistake. Maybe/probably we all have made mistakes.I wonder how many people in politics, the professions, the various religious denominations and on and on at nauseum have never made mistakes. That includes all the not picking writers to these columns! Should everybody resign and stay in bed all day? As the old saying goes- —the man (or woman) who never made a mistake never made anything. It would be nice if the effusive self appointed critics who are so expert in every possible field, were to hold back a bit and let others have a chance to prove their worth. Personally, I think Ms Sturgeon will be a great asset. To disagree is everyone’s right but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating not in who can stir up the mixture.But , of course, some people only get their kicks from stirring, so stir on.

  15. Haydn Gear

    No, not mistakes but an overzealous spell check !! At nauseum and not picking should obviously be ad nauseum and nit picking. Just thought I’d clear that up before the jumpers on mistakes brigade leap in feet first.Give them an inch etc etc.

  16. Henry Condy

    Guys, a lie is a lie and is indefensible, Alistair’s work over 14 years spoiled by stupidity, how much did Nick Clegg and David Blundell know. Witchhunts, mobs, out to smash a mans life and reputation, all brought on by himself and no one else. Alistair hanging on is like Jim Murphy hanging on for cash, its demeaning. Have an election let the people decide, and that will end court cases, and silence the blowhards. On whistleblowers, why did the Tories and Lib-Dems vote together not to protect whistleblowers, civil servants, who had names , times , places of Mps guilty of paedeeophelia in Westminster, MPs protecting each other instead of protecting children. These need jailed for a long time in a hard prison. Google David Cameron CEO of Carlton TV, I think you will be shocked

    • John Tulloch


      Much as you and the SNP would like Alistair Carmichael to resign without the publicity spotlight of a court case and a parliamentary inquiry shining into the dark corners you don’t want us to see into, I don’t think that’s going to happen and I’ll be disappointed if it does because we need to know the “whole truth”, as opposed to the various versions being put about by the SNP and their supporters.


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