16th November 2018
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Man admits brandishing knife

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A man has been released on bail after he admitted brandishing a knife.

Paul Lewis, 22, of Stucca, Hillswick, has been ordered to stay clear of his wife after he spoiled a night out.

Lewis admitted behaving in a threatening manner, shouting and swearing in a weekend escapade when he appeared from custody before sheriff Philip Mann on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to brandishing a knife and smashing a glazed internal door.

The court heard Lewis had been drinking too much on the night out and became aggressive to his wife after returning home. At one point he brandished the knife and asked her to kill him.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said Lewis was sorry for what he had done, adding his client was suffering from the effects of depression.

Calling for background reports, sheriff Philip Mann deferred sentence until 10th June. He released Lewis on bail on condition he stays away from his wife.