Waiting for Lib Dems’ comment (Robbie McGregor)

I write on behalf of the many SNP members and activists who feel very aggrieved at the way Alistair Carmichael has behaved.

We spent a considerable amount of time and effort on the campaign and now feel that not only was a dirty trick deployed but a lie was concocted to cover up responsibility for it. We feel cheated by methods that are totally non-Shetland or typical of the people who live here.

The most important consideration must be that an apology is due by the MP to the people of Shetland many of whom voted for Mr Carmichael under a false impression of his integrity.

I await comment from the Liberal Democrat MSPs and the local party and their condemnation of Mr Carmichael’s behaviour. If nothing is forthcoming I will assume that they condone his actions.

Robbie McGregor
SNP Shetland branch
3 North Heights,


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  • Ian Johnstone

    • May 26th, 2015 0:27

    Think you could have a long wait as they’ll be hiding amongst the shrubbery well said Robbie

  • iantinkler

    • May 26th, 2015 8:06

    Does anyone else get a feeling of Deja vu? The SNP moan on, just like after the referendum, “We was robbed”, “If only”, “they lied to us”. Now people get real, politics is a dirty game, all sides play it dirty. Danus was hardly forthright about his Eton education, Salmond lied handsomely during the “Yes” campaign, and even “The Divine Nicola” is on record for truth economy. Now grow up and accept you lost on Shetland and Orkney, just like in the referendum, for now it is over. Protests, rant, rave, shout, it makes not one iota of difference, unless Ali C wishes it, it is over, get over it, once again! I voted liberal, I would do the same again to confound the SNP, for no other reason than that. Now if anyone wonders why, just look at the highly propagandist “Yes Shetland,” Facebook site. Most of the obscenities are now edited out. The replacement is pure kindergarten “Buster the NAT cat rampant”. Children of the “Yes” campaign, please grow up, some of you, at least, must be adults.

    • Robert Duncan

      • May 26th, 2015 9:29

      “Danus was hardly forthright about his Eton education”

      Because it was not relevant to his policies. He did not lie, and to chuck him in the same category as others in your example is very unfair.

      • John Tulloch

        • May 27th, 2015 13:40


        Skene won’t talk about Shetland-specific issues, though, e.g. education under-funding.

        I’m surprised you haven’t picked up on that one, what with you being so well-versed in the budgetary issues associated with rural school closures, and all that?

        Why on earth would a local candidate, standing for election, not want to discuss something like that?

      • Steven Jarmson

        • June 24th, 2015 19:18

        His Eton education is highly relevant due to the SNP knocking the Tories & Labour for being educated at, erm…. Oh yeah, Eton!!
        Pot, kettle, black, if I’m allowed to say that anymore!

  • Douglas Young

    • May 26th, 2015 22:06

    The BBC’s James Cook on Twitter this afternoon:-

    Police on Alistair Carmichael: “A complaint has been received and inquiries are ongoing to establish if there is criminality.”

    Be a good day to resign Alistair?

    • Gordon Harmer

      • May 27th, 2015 14:55

      Douglas why are you still telling people on Facebook that the inquiry cost £1.4 million, do you have irrefutable proof orr are you making it up as you go along?

    • John Tulloch

      • May 27th, 2015 17:03

      No, Douglas, it would have been a very bad day to resign, I heard on the news that the complaint was rejected.

      By the way, this is you, isn’t it- the same Douglas Young who finds “personalisation” and “bullying” so repugnant?

  • iantinkler

    • May 27th, 2015 8:55

    Here is a thought for you ante Carmichael Crusaders, actually based on proven fact. Not some fictitious piece of propaganda such as the leak inquiry costing £1.4, now that is total dishonesty. I wonder which of those will those crusading zealots, banding that figure about, will apologies for purporting that lie. I somehow doubt many will!
    Now for some actual proven facts, Salmond lied through his teeth about taking legal advice with regard to an Indy Scotland joining the European Union.( Evidence Statement from Nicola sturgeon)
    Salmond also lied through his teeth about discussions he claimed to have held with European leaders about Scotland’s proposed entry into the European Union if Scotland became independent. He fabricated areal tissue of deceit. (Evidence, Statements from European leaders)

    Now what has Nicola Sturgeon just done? Alex Salmond MP, a man whom has a track record for dishonesty regarding Europe, has been appointed as the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesman in Westminster. Now , all you “SNP Crusaders” and “Yes zealots”, how in the name of all honesty can you regard that appointment of Salmond as not condoning his known dishonesty, does it not speak volumes about Sturgeon and the SNP? The SNP’s foreign affairs spokesman, a proven liar, before his appointment!! Maybe a good day for The Divine Nicola to consider her position!!
    (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scotland/10367759/Alex-Salmond-spent-20000-keeping-secret-non-existent-EU-legal-advice.htmlhttp://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/exclusive-alex-salmond-hid-legal-reality-of-an-independent-scotlands-eu-status-9026325.html http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2012/oct/23/alex-salmond-eu-legal-advice-scotland http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/10/10/snp-eu-legal-advice_n_4075966.html ) (http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2010927 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scottish-independence/11100406/Alex-Salmond-accused-of-lying-over-EU-talks.html )(http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/alex-salmond-appointed-as-snps-foreign-affairs-spokesman-in-westminster-10247018.html http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/alex-salmond-named-snp-s-foreign-affairs-spokesman-1-3771629 )
    Just a few of many, many links!!

    • Robin Stevenson

      • May 27th, 2015 11:14

      Indeed Ian “Just a few of your many pro-Union bias press links”, you seem to be forgetting that most of these rags ALSO claimed it was a £1.4 Million cost to the taxpayer, or was it just the SNPs fault for believing them?
      Incidentally, we STILL don’t have the real figure? I believe the original £1.4 Million came from a Labour MPs tweet, which the MSM grabbed onto.
      Please listen to the Andrew Neil interview with Alex Salmond and perhaps you could point out which part he was “supposedly” lying?

    • Robert Duncan

      • May 27th, 2015 11:21

      I’d happily forego my bus fare to cover things had the enquiry cost £1.40. 😉

      It will be interesting to see what the enquiry has actually cost. Whilst it will be considerably less than £1.4 million, it was still an avoidable cost. I won’t be calling for Carmichael’s head but he could have done with a stronger apology than he has given.

  • John Tulloch

    • May 27th, 2015 10:41

    I’ve just seen the full text of this memo that was released and it’s very interesting. Suddenly, the mist clears:

    Apparently, the new French Ambassador, Sylvie Bermann, on her first official visit to Scotland, was kept waiting and only afforded a truncated meeting with FM Sturgeon who was “having a busy Thursday”! How ignorant was that?

    I suppose it explains why Consul General Coffinier was “keen to fill me (the memo author) in on some the conversations his Ambassador had during her visit to Scotland”?


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