23rd March 2019
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Operation Orphan (Julia Odie)

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Last May/June I collected four pallets worth of children’s warm winter clothing which was taken to Nottingham to the charity Operation Orphan for their Keep A Child Warm Project by JBT.

Once there it was sorted, boxed and distributed to Moldova, Ukraine and Sierra Leone.

In October I joined a team from Operation Orphan to go to Moldova to help distribute the clothing to over 1,000 children. I was able to identify items donated from Shetland when I was there, in particular blankets that had been donated. You can read my blog on the trip at http://jaydee67.blogspot.co.uk/

I am again asking for donations of hats, gloves, scarves, jumpers and especially winter coats. They do not have to be new, but we do ask that they are in good, clean condition.

Operation Orphan is hoping to clothe 3,000 children for this winter, a further 1,000 in Moldova and 2,000 in orphanages in Ukraine.

The cost of a child’s coat in Moldova is about half the average monthly income so a donated coat relieves the burden of providing one from the parents and means they can buy fuel or food with the money instead.

I am asking for donations to be boxed if possible, and with me by 24th June. Donations will be driven to Nottingham by my husband and myself in early July in a van donated by Star Rent A Car.

Julia Odie
18 Norderhoull,

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