28th May 2020
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Man accused of police struggle is remanded

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A man has been remanded in custody after allegedly throwing milk at two teenage girls, struggling with police and fleeing from them.

John Hutchison, 25, of Lerwick’s South Lochside appeared from custody before honorary sheriff Willie Shannon.

He is charged with throwing milk “or similar” at a St Olaf Street address on Wednesday.

Hutchison is also said to have repeatedly shouted, swearing in an aggressive manner as he did so. He allegedly demanded controlled substances be given to him, and is said to have returned to the address, threatening violence while holding a screwdriver or hammer.

Hutchison is also said to have struggled with police in St Magnus Street, and escaped from lawful detention. He denies the charges.

Trial was set for 23rd June, with an intermediate diet two days before. Bail was refused.