19th April 2019
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Disappointing isles vote (James Titcomb)

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The results announced this morning are both exceedingly good news for Shetland, but also somewhat disappointing.

The chance for our fishing industry to flourish outside the disastrous common fisheries policy is of course excellent news for Shetland. But we must not be complacent.

It will be up to our Westminster and Holyrood governments to design a management system to replace the CFP, and if some MSPs in Holyrood get their way, we could be facing a situation where a newly independent Scotland attempts to take us back into the EU.

With the importance of the fishing industry to the isles Wir Shetland is somewhat disappointed that the local vote was for remain. The status quo is always attractive, and we all hate uncertainty, but we face momentous change over the coming years.

In the event of a second Scottish independence referendum it is vital for all our interests that Shetland gets to choose its own destiny.
Wir Shetland will be holding a members’ meeting on 23rd July, where our membership will decide on the next steps towards achieving autonomy for Shetland.

Immediately afterwards we will hold our annual general meeting to elect a fresh committee for the coming fight. Whatever the future holds, Wir Shetland will continue to fight for what is best for Shetland and Shetlanders.

Wir Shetland stands ready to ensure that Shetland’s unique needs are not overlooked among the coming changes.

James Titcomb

Acting chairman
Wir Shetland

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