Criticism is ‘childish twaddle’ (Ian Tinkler)

Unfortunately, some nationalists and politically-motivated, or perhaps just ignorant souls, have taken it upon themselves to do everything they can to defame and criticise Wir Shetland and its membership in the media.

Such criticisms disparage Wir Shetland and its members in many ways. These posts, are mostly childish twaddle, such as climate change deniers, angry men, ultra-right wingers or portraying Wir Shetland members as “abusive trolls”. Such critiques speak more about the authors than the targets of such banal comments. Understandably, the prospect of a truly independent Shetland horrifies the Scottish nationalist, as without Shetland’s resources an independent Scotland would be economically unsustainable.

Be that as it may, any new organisation, especially with pioneering, radical ideals and ideas, such as Wir Shetland, can expect criticisms, both daft and constructive. Such censures, can indeed, make Wir Shetland stronger and help gain membership.

Sadly, some critics, portray Wir Shetland in a far darker way. Accusations of being ultra-right wing, racist and anti-immigrant often appear in social media. Even in moderated formats, such as The Shetland Times, the infantile comment “Wir Ukip” is often forwarded by the prejudiced and politically motivated.

At this time, in view of the recent Brexit vote, such stupid comment, either by design or accident, has caused considerable anxiety and trepidation amongst sections of the Shetland community. I refer specifically to our immigrant population, all EU, Commonwealth and world citizens.

I would like to reassure these groups of peoples, you are valued and most welcome. Wir Shetland holds you all in great esteem and has absolutely no wish to compromise your freedoms and position in “our” Shetland community. “Our” being all of us, whatever colour, creed, original nationality or place of birth.

As an individual member of Wir Shetland, I am setting up a small group of interested folk, specifically to cater for and encourage overseas friends to join Wir Shetland.

My first two friends, wishing to endorse and join such a group, are, Marinda Beyleveld, born Namibia, a resident of Namibia and South Africa and Sakshi Dhingra, born India and now a resident of the USA, both former “health professionals” in Shetland.

I do hope these ladies will be the first of many.

Ian Tinkler


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  • haydn Gear

    • September 4th, 2016 22:36

    Criticism is sometimes fair and at other times disgustingly unfair. I recall from crude and ignorant comments made in previous assertions laced with despicable innuendo that question marks hung over the head of Nicola Sturgeon in regard to her being childless . It has now been made known that she suffered a miscarriage some years ago which caused her deep pain and disappointment as one would expect. I hope that those who posed unseemly comments will now hold their heads in shame and experience a sense of regret for making known their obnoxious thoughts.

  • Wayne Conroy

    • September 5th, 2016 14:20

    Unfortunately there are trolls on both sides of this continuing argument that seem to infect threads posted on this website – quite often even in the threads that have nothing to do with politics.

    Just a shame you can’t all just all be locked in a room and left there to continue your pathetic bickering instead of ruining this website for everyone else.

  • ian tinkler

    • September 6th, 2016 8:19

    As an individual member of Wir Shetland, I am setting up a small group of interested folk, specifically to cater for and encourage overseas friends to join Wir Shetland.

    My first two friends, wishing to endorse and join such a group, are, Marinda Beyleveld, born Namibia, a resident of Namibia and South Africa and Sakshi Dhingra, born India and now a resident of the USA, both former “health professionals” in Shetland. A further overseas ex Shetland member resident has now formally endorsed Wir Shetland, that is a further health professional, “Marianna Kovacs, born, Cegled Country: Hungary, now resident in Oslo. Worked in Shetland, from 16. 02. 2012- 31. 10. 2013.
    I feel it is really good to have endorsements from these ladies, One a Commonwealth citizen, one from Africa (non-Commonwealth) and one citizen of the European Union, all highly educated medical professionals who understand exactly what Wir Shetland represents and what Wir Shetlands aims are. They all love Shetland and her people.

  • Haydn Gear

    • September 8th, 2016 10:29

    Human beings throughout this planet are all family members deriving from the same source and should treat each other as such. I think Ian Tinkler’s letter posted on September 6th is commendable and I fully endorse his suggestions. How exciting and beneficial it would be if differences could be accepted and similarities promoted.

  • Carl Pickard

    • September 10th, 2016 15:02

    This is absurd and pathetic.

    A cursory glance over the “Wir Shetland” Facebook page sees all manner of derogatory statements (primarily anti-EU and anti-SNP – there’s a peculiar lack of Westminster criticism) clearly made ad hoc by whichever members of their esteemed organisation has the keys to the social media account. Tinkler would do well do remember that (after building their Facebook “membership” in an entirely duplicitous fashion) they shared countless pieces of anti-immigrant propaganda during the EU referendum campaign. Their treatment of those who disagree with their exceedingly narrow views is contemptible.

    The sooner this “cadre of angry Shetland Times letter-writers” have their eventual, inevitable falling out, the better.

    • Duncan Simpson

      • September 12th, 2016 0:25

      Carl, would you care to provide links or examples to back up your claims? There were a lot of anti-EU posts, we were declared as anti-EU from the very outset, but I have looked back through the posts and see no evidence of “anti-immigrant propaganda”. The vast majority of our EU related posts was, rightly IMO, to do with the fishing industry. Nor do I see any derogatory anti SNP statements?

      I am not sure what “treatment” you are referring to either. I have seen online discussions getting heated often enough but Wir Shetland does not go around attacking people who disagree with us. If individuals want to argue on here or any other platform then that is up to them. You should not take our most vocal proponents as representing all of us.

      In fact I often find myself attacked online for my views even though I make an effort to be tolerant of other peoples opinions. I suppose it goes with the territory of getting involved in political debate in the current climate but it is saddening nonetheless.

    • Graham Fleming 001

      • January 10th, 2017 0:07

      WESTMINSTER – behalf of the 150 million lost souls(YouTube top ten worst empires) LET’S RID Shetland and Scotland nationally of Westminster groupies and ghouls that keep us in the gutter of humanity let’s here it from hir Shetland.

  • ian tinkler

    • September 12th, 2016 11:08

    What a fabulous endorsement of my letter by Carl Pickard. Angry and unpleasant comments, based on his own prejudices and perceptions. Carl Pickard’s bombasts have absolutely, no relevance to my letter whatsoever.
    The very purpose of my original letter was to draw public attention to the very unpleasant nature of some opponents of Wir Shetland. Those who, like Carl perhaps, intentionally spread disinformation, to create fear and dismay amongst some vulnerable new members of the Shetland community. That section of the community being the most recent friends of Shetland who have recently settled from overseas and made Shetland their home. With that in mind, I set up a small group of interested folk, specifically to cater for and encourage overseas friends to join Wir Shetland. That group of recent immigrant members of Wir Shetland will greatly strengthen Wir Shetland and certainly counter any of Carl Pickard’s perceived anti-immigrant fantasies. For your information Carl, Wir Shetland continues to grow. I now have many, many overseas born friends willing to join Wir Shetland and help forge the policy for the future. There is no better buttress against prejudice within any organisation than becoming a member of that organisation. As such, I invite all Shetlanders, overseas born or otherwise, who wish for a fair and independent Shetland, to join Wir Shetland and forge a great and fair future for us all.

    • Graham Fleming 001

      • January 9th, 2017 23:34

      With less than 1% of 22000 people on the Shetland Isles calling themselves Shetlanders by census what about the 60% who call themselves Scottish or do they not count in a delusion of grandeur world some people inhabit. Smacks of Brit imperialism far far removed from the Real world and democratic Europe.
      History knows only to well


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