23rd October 2018
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New resident steals from cars

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A Mossbank resident admitted stealing from three cars in one day when he appeared from custody at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Monday.

Wesley Bailey, 36, of Leaside, had not long moved into Mossbank when he committed the offences on 15th or 16th of July.
Bailey was identified on social media after he stole a camera from an unlocked car at Hamarsgarth and the owner did not report the theft to the police. When he was confronted, he admitted stealing the device, worth £95, plus a small sum of money.

Bailey also stole £6 in loose change from an unlocked car at Rayburn Road which he was seen spending in a shop. On the third occasion he smashed the driver’s window of a car at Maidenfield and stole a sum of money. The alarm went off and Bailey was seen walking away from the vehicle.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said that on the night of the offences, Bailey had been at a party and his client, who “knows his ways around illegal drugs” believed his drink had been spiked with a “legal high” and could remember little of the incident.

Bailey also admitted failing to turn up for a court appearance on 31st August and was arrested as a result.