15th November 2018
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PODCAST: Robert Williamson: ‘Whatever It Takes’ iTunes RSS

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Today’s guest, Yell man, actor and musician, Robert Williamson is best known for getting stuffed in a BAFTA-winning film, The Taxidermist (2011).

He is the second of four offspring to the Rev Magnus and Eunice Williamson, and was born in The Manse in Eday, Orkney but grew up in Shetland. He says Island life was extremely agreeable and particularly free, especially the air, which as Shetlanders know, often arrives at 100 miles an hour!

Music was his first foray into performance, he learned piano, fiddle and acoustic guitar, before settling for electric bass, playing rock n roll as a teenager – he still plays bass and guitar.

He now works with theatre companies in Edinburgh,

Three of his screen works have attracted BAFTA award nominations with one winner.