26th May 2020
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Thor Holt spoke to Sandra Vabarna in Estonia before Trad.Attack! travelled to Shetland for the folk festival.

Trad.Attack! were one of the most talked about visiting acts at this year’s festival.

Sandra Vabarna of Trad.Attack! plays Estonian bagpipes. Photo: Dave Donaldson

If you loved their music then you need to listen to Sandra explain more about how they find inspiration from archive recordings of the great Estonian folk singers and instrumentalists who created and performed music for work, leisure and festivities in the old times.

Sometimes starting with scratchy recordings of long vanished village voices the band takes it from there and brings their voices and their music to 21st century.

Their signature sound involves building pulsating rhythmic structures, creating an impressively big sound from acoustic 12-string guitar, drums, an array of whistles, bagpipes and jew’s harps.