9th April 2020
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Coastguard rescues injured yachter off Fair Isle

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A yachter has been taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm after being rescued off Fair Isle.

The woman and her husband had been aboard the French yacht Francois Marine. At around 7.25pm on Friday the pair placed a pan-pan distress call, indicating an emergency which does not pose threat to life or vessel.

The coastguard helicopter flew to the scene and the nearby NorthLink ferry Hrossey stood by the yacht.

The helicopter made efforts to lift the casualty directly from the yacht but was unable to do so. The woman was eventually lifted from Fair Isle and taken to the Gilbert Bain Hospital, after making it to the isle’s harbour escorted by the ferry’s rescue craft.

The Hrossey’s arrivals into Kirkwall and Aberdeen were delayed by the incident. The ferry is, however, expected to depart Aberdeen on time on Saturday evening.