14th November 2018
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Hjaltland Housing Association has available to registered applicants:

  • Four bedroom house in John Jamieson Closs, Lerwick
    We have a four bedroom, six person house available to rent. This property is available to all applicants registered with Hjaltland. Rent and services payable £456.00 p.c.m. EPC Band C.

All interested applicants must contact Hjaltland Housing Association before the closing date of 2.00pm Tuesday 13th November 2018.

For a fuller explanation on how to register, information about the pointing system, and more details on the properties available, contact us at 2 Harbour Street, Lerwick, telephone us on 01595 694986 or visit our website at www.hjaltland.org.uk

• Responses to our last advertisement

4 people applied for the three bedroom house in Gostagert, Sandness.

Contact number : 01595 694986