2nd June 2020
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Warning over ‘medical machines’ scam claiming to cure Covid-19

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Warnings have been issued about scammers trying to promote “medical machines” which they wrongly claim can detect or cure Covid-19.

Trading Standards in Shetland said it was aware of a variety of scams associated with the pandemic and urged people to remain vigilant.

Anyone contacted by criminals trying to profit from people’s concerns during the crisis is advised to contact Trading Standards or police.

David Marsh, Shetland Island Council’s Trading Standards team leader, said: “We are working on this in conjunction with other enforcement partners and have received valuable assistance from people across the wider Shetland community.”

NHS Shetland’s chief executive also warned about such scams during his Facebook Live broadcast on Wednesday.

He said those trying to profit out of the virus were “charlatans”.

Anyone with information about the “medical machines’ is asked to contact Trading Standards on 01595 744887 or trading.standards@shetland.gov.uk.

People can also call Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

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