SIC fails to light the way for workers memorial, said campaigner

The council’s decision not to light up the Lerwick Town Hall for International Worker’s Memorial Day has been slammed by campaigners.

David Davies and his wife Joyce have been campaigning for a memorial to pay tribute to workers who have died in the line of duty.

Mrs Davies, herself, has been campaigning for a memorial in Glasgow in honour of her father who died fighting a fire when she was eight-years-old.

And the couple would like Shetland Islands Council to honour those who have died during their work, here in the isles too.

Outside of the Town Hall this morning (Friday) Mr Davies said he had “no idea” why they would not light up the building.

SIC’s website states that the event falls in the period of unsuitable lighting conditions between 1st April and 14th August.

Mr Davies claimed the council believe the “cause isn’t worthy enough”.

He said: “All over Scotland there are rallies and events in every single local authority apart from Shetland. Nothing. Apart from perhaps a flag at half mast.”

SIC confirmed that the flag was indeed lowered for the occasion and it felt strongly about the commitment to workers.

The council’s chief executive Maggie Sandison said the SIC would continue to honour the day by lowering the flag to half-mast.

She added the light system that the council uses at the Town Hall is one which operates when the “natural light level” is low enough. However, it “never really gets dark enough” at this time of year.

She said: “The Council has received complaints from people who have been extremely upset and disappointed that on the evening that they had expected the Town Hall to be lit up for their charity or cause that the lights did not come on or could not be seen when they visited.

“To avoid causing such  upset and disappointment no requests for light up will be agreed to in the lightest months- April to mid August.”


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