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The Shetland Times Publishing has been connecting writers and readers, entertaining, informing, and serving Shetland’s cultural heritage since 1872.

We specialise in local interest books, from the trivial to the academic, biography to military history, natural world and maritime interest, guide books, dictionaries, knitting manuals, cookery books, traditional music and fiction.

At present we have well over a hundred titles on our backlist and produce on average eight new titles a year. No other company offers anything like the range of expertise we bring to the local publishing market. Editing, subbing, proofreading, design and layout, printing and binding are routine technicalities.

Publishing and promoting your work on our Shetland Times website (, online social media promotions through our various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), our e-commerce website ( and advertising in The Shetland Times weekly newspaper are all part of the publishing process.

Oh, and we must also mention the shelves of Shetland’s leading bookseller, our very own retail premises, the Shetland Times Bookshop. Our shop team is also available to help you with promotional book launches in store or on location within our isles.

We are currently expanding our activities to take advantage of print on demand and ebook services. So if traditional publishing is not a feasible for your book we might be able to offer another publishing option.

If you have a publishing idea, or a manuscript to submit, get in touch.


The Shetland Times is a Shetland institution and although a small publisher they were the obvious choice with their unique perspective on all things to do with Shetland.

Marian Armitage,
author of our bestselling 2014 title, Shetland Food and Cooking.

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Contact Shetland Times Publishing through the details listed below. You can continue to buy our titles through our bookshop.

Trade customers please contact us for terms.

Charlotte Black (Publications Manager)

Tel: +44 (0)1595 742 000