31st May 2020
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  • Borrowed Time
    Borrowed Time

    Debt, social mobility and the Fetlar Clearances: the Nicolsons of Brough Lodge. View More…

  • And that\'s the way of it
    And that\'s the way of it

    The fascinating life of a man who not only played an important part in the D-Day landings, but whose memory spans almost a century of unparalleled and tumultuous technological change. View More…

  • Shetland and the Greenland Whaling
    Shetland and the Greenland Whaling

    For the first time the full story of Shetland vital contribution to the Greenland fishery is told. The economic and social implications of the bloody trade is discussed in detail. View More…

  • Seabirds and Seals
    Seabirds and Seals

    An entertaining and thoughtful account of a quarter century’s voyages around just two of Shetland’s hundred islands. View More…

  • Fast Fish
    Fast Fish

    Davy Clark left home to find work at the Antarctic whaling. He found it. Rough, tough, dirty and dangerous work at that. But he also found friendships and camaraderie. This is his story. View More…

The Shetland Times Publishing has been connecting writers and readers, entertaining, informing, and serving Shetland’s cultural heritage since 1872.

We specialise in local interest books, from the trivial to the academic, biography to military history, natural world and maritime interest, guide books, dictionaries, knitting manuals, cookery books, traditional music and fiction.

At present we have well over a hundred titles on our backlist and produce on average eight new titles a year. No-one can offer anything like the range of expertise we bring to the local publishing market. Editing, subbing, proof reading, design and layout, and printing are routine technicalities. Publishing and promoting your work, including physical storage and distribution, Shetland website and online promotion and e-commerce website, advertising in The Shetland Times newspaper and Shetland Life are all part of the publishing process. Oh, and we forgot to mention the shelves of Shetland’s leading bookseller – our very own Shetland Times Bookshop whose staff also help with promotional book launches.

We are currently expanding our activities to take advantage of print on demand and ebook services. So if traditional publishing is not a feasible for your book we might be able to offer another publishing option.

If you have a publishing idea, or a manuscript to submit, get in touch.


The Shetland Times is a Shetland institution and although a small publisher they were the obvious choice with their unique perspective on all things to do with Shetland.

Marian Armitage,
author of our bestselling 2014 title, Shetland Food and Cooking.

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