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Please see our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Warnings: Users are reminded that whenever they post personal information online which is available to the public (for example in discussion groups or letters pages) that information can be used by others over whom the company has no control. Our websites contain links to sites over which we have no control and which are not covered by our privacy policy.

Data Protection Act 1998

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Links to external sites

Shetland Times websites contain numerous links to sites over which we have no control. We believe that these links are in a form which makes it clear that you are accessing a third party website. The company offers no warranty as to the veracity of any information published on external websites and readers must satisfy themselves as to the validity of information obtained from them or how they may use personal information gathered from readers. See also the warning under our privacy policy above.

Linking to our websites

You are welcome to link to shetlandtimes.co.uk provided the form of the link makes it clear that it is to an external site. We would prefer links to go to the shetlandtimes home page or the first page of any of the main sections of the site (i.e. Shetland Visitor, News, Shetland Directory, etc). Linking to other sections or pages runs the risk of your site containing broken links as we do not offer any warranty regarding location addresses which may be changed at any time. If you have a specific request on the form of link or the location to which it is directed contact info@shetlandtimes.co.uk. We regard “deep linking” as an infringement of our copyright.

To get a link from shetlandtimes.co.uk

We provide links to many other sites, principally in the Shetland Visitor and the Shetland Directory. If you would like us to consider putting a link to your site e-mail details to info@shetlandtimes.co.uk including a brief description of the content of your site. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue any free link at any time without notice or giving reason.

Another warning: We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.